Young Hearts

Young Hearts

The “Young Hearts” club – a community of elderly Ukrainians who found refuge in Great Britain from Russia’s military aggression, began its work in May 2023 with the aim of creating conditions for elderly people to communicate, relax, study the history and literature of Ukraine and England.

The club organises lectures, meetings with interesting people, tours of Canterbury and surrounding cities. Club members celebrate holidays and birthdays together, take an active part in events organised by C4U.

In three months, 12 lectures on medicine and modern Ukrainian literature were given, 5 tours of Canterbury were conducted. We visited Dover, Walmer and Deal castles, the aviation museum and the Battle of Britain memorial, the art gallery and the shell cave in Margate.  The Young Hearts watched an air show in Folkestone, participated in festivals and a march in honor of Ukraine’s Independence Day. 

The club meets every Thursday at 2.30pm in the Umbrella Centre with coffee, tea and goodies.

We invite everyone!