C4U Ladies Choir

Canterbury for Ukraine Ladies’ Choir

Canterbury for Ukraine Ladies’ Choir is a safe place for Ukrainian women in East Kent to meet together, find hope and comfort through music and singing. The C4U Choir was founded by Canterbury for Ukraine trustee Olena Nizalova in the Spring/Summer of 2022 after the full-scale Russian invasion to Ukraine. 

Our choir has a membership of around 25 women. We sing both sacred and secular songs, mostly in Ukrainian, but also in English and Latin. We enjoy the opportunity to share the rich musical heritage of Ukraine with others through the performances we give at local events.

Over the past year, we have given several concerts and performed at many events that have left vivid and warm memories in our memory. We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who came and supported us.

We are inviting new members who share our passion to Ukrainian music or would like to learn it. We are welcoming everyone regardless of your previous experience! You can come to our rehearsal and try it every Monday, 18:00-20:00. Please use this link to register before your first visit and we will inform you of the location of the next rehearsal.

For more information please contact: c4u.choir@gmail.com

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