C4U Welcome Hub

C4U Welcome Hub

The Welcome Hub at Canterbury Umbrella centre is a compassionate and essential initiative started by the Diocese of Canterbury and C4U Charity supported by Canterbury City Council (CCC). It provides comprehensive support to both UK nationals hosting Ukrainian guests under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme who fled the war and are seeking safety for themselves and their children in the United Kingdom. 

The Welcome Hub runs Mondays 1.00pm-3.00pm on a school term basis at St Peter’s Place, CT1 2DB.

Domenica Pecoraro and Canterbury City Council resettlement and welfare officers are happy to help. There is always an interpreter for guests who find it hard to speak English. There are also Ukrainian-speaking CCC officers.

For Ukrainian guests, the Welcome Hub offers a wide array of services to facilitate their smooth transition into independent living and integration into British society. These services include assistance with setting up essential utilities and managing bills, understanding Council Tax and applying for reductions and other entitlements, booking appointments, contacting the Jobcentre, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), etc. This support ensures that Ukrainians have the guidance and resources needed to navigate the complexities of their new life in the UK.

The Welcome Hub organises regular lectures on the matters of interest for the hosts and guests such as NHS, Kent School Health, support the guests can receive from the local council when they leave their hosts for private renting, and many others.

Simultaneously, the Umbrella Welcome Hub extends its support to British hosts who have generously opened their homes to Ukrainian refugees. It provides hosts with valuable information, resources, and guidance to help them navigate the process of welcoming and accommodating their Ukrainian guests. The specialists also help explain the cultural differences to Ukrainians and their British hosts.

The Umbrella Welcome Hub is a safe harbour, fostering a sense of unity and solidarity within the community.