Thank you everyone for your support on Ukraine’s Independence Day!

On behalf of Canterbury for Ukraine and Ukrainian community in the area we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Lord Mayor of Canterbury, Cllr. Jean ButcherRosie Duffield MP, Cllr. Connie Nolan, FLM Anne Dekker, Lisa Carlson, who joined us for celebration of Ukrainian Independence Day in the city of Canterbury! Thank you for being with us on such an important day for us, for your encouraging greetings and your continued enthusiastic support.

Special thanks to James Pearson, Head of Service Libraries Registration and Archives at Kent County Council and Ms. McClean for the efforts you put into organising the Ukrainian books collection at the Beaney Library and for making such a fantastic event possible.

We are eternally grateful to the Canterbury Umbrella Center for providing a safe space for this celebration and a generous and incredibly delicious treat.

Thank you so much to all who came and took a part in our events. Your participation and support mean the world to us. We hope you have received positive emotions from it, which we all need so much.

Big thanks to all volunteers, lecturers and organisers. Your generous energy and time contributed to this work were incredible! 😊

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